100FT Garden Hose

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    Strongest 100 Feet Expanding Garden Hose (100 ft, Blue)


    STRONG AND DURABLE: triple layer latex core makes it much stronger and durable than the use of non-latex which is easy to burst and leak after a few uses. No more leaks or burst problems.
    TRANSFER HIGH WATER PRESSURE: Due to the beautiful tightly coil braiding over silicone hose design, the hose to be transfer water pressure very well (High water pressure resistance up to 9 Bar/130 PSI/900 kPa.)
    TRIPLE ITS SIZE, LIGHT WEIGHT, AND WILL NEVER KINK, TWIST OR TANGLE – PEGZOS Expandable Flex Hose expands from 33 ft up to 100 ft with water pressure and shrinking in seconds to 33 feet when water is off. 100 Feet expanding hose only weights 4 lbs, as compared to traditional garden hoses which weight more than 10 lbs, Drains itself and is perfect to carry anywhere, maintain tidiness and storage, specially if you have limited space. Specially designed to never kink, twist or tangle!

  • 25-FT-Pegzos-Expandable-Garden-Hose-with-Dual-Layer-Latex-Core-Extra-Strength-Outside-Webbing-Updated-Solid-Brass-Ends-25FT-0

    Updated 100 FT Pegzos Expandable Garden Hose


    Improved Version – After looking carefully at other reviews, we have replaced the fragile non-latex inner core with strong DURABLE DUAL LAYER LATEX CORE WITH SECOND GEN UPGRADED INTERNAL PROTECTIVE FILM to prevent the leak and burst problem.
    0.04 in Makes a Big Difference – After making a survey on the burst issues on expandable garden hose, we improved the inner core diameter from normal 0.35 in to 0.39 in to make the hose to transfer high water pressure.
    Longer and Solid Brass Ends – our new improved fittings are 0.4 in longer than the regular ones on the market, which can better protect the webbing split from the brass connector. Also an updated nickel coating can prevent corrosion, leaks and rust.